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Sample Contract - Learn more about the contract required to enroll in the Managed Forest Carbon Offset Program.

Sample Timber Contract - A timber sale contract protects both seller and buyer from legal problems arising from the harvest and sale of standing timber. Each contract is different, resulting from careful planning, management and marketing. Use this contract as a guide only.

Glossary of Forestry Terms - Understand common language used by forestry professionals.

Timber Stand Improvement - Use this fact sheet to learn more about Timber Stand Improvement and how it can benefit your forest.

Recreational Access and Liability - A fact sheet which explains what landowners should know if they are planning to get involved in recreational access programs such as hunting operations, etc.


Links of Interest

Kentucky Forest Landowners Handbook - The Kentucky Forest Landowner's Handbook helps property owners better understand their forest and develop a management plan suited to their specific interests, goals and financial requirements. It is suitable for all private forest landowners, whether interested in harvesting wood products, earning income from non-timber forest products (such as herbs and mushrooms), managing for wildlife, recreation or tourism opportunities, or all of the above.

Kentucky Woodland Owner's Association - KWOA is a non-profit membership organization controlled exclusively by indenpendent Kentucky woodland owners.

National Timber Tax Website - Answer specific questions regarding the tax treatment of timber related activities.

How to Treat Carbon Sequestration Income - Advice on how to report carbon sequestration income.