Enroll Your Land

Enrollment Requirements for the Managed Forest Carbon Offset Program

Enrollment in the Managed Forest Carbon Offset Program is open to landowners throughout the year. However, it is strongly suggested that all required paperwork be submitted to MACED by October 31st of the year enrollment is sought. This will allow ample time to process the documentation and address any questions that may arise. Eligibility to sell carbon offsets generated in a given year is determined by the date the required inventory is completed. For example, to be eligible to sell offsets generated in 2010 the required inventory must be completed by 12-31-2010.

Satisfactory completion of these requirements will require the services of a consulting forester. Also, all eligible forestland you own must be certified and enrolled in the program. Landowners must commit to maintain their certification for 15 years. 

The four main requirements are:

1. Proof of ownership: Landowners must present proof of ownership including property deeds and tax records that show clear boundary lines and title to the land they wish to enroll. Deed book and page numbers should be provided for all deeds submitted.

2. Forest Certification: All eligible forested properties owned by the landowner must obtain certification of sustainable forest management from a PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certifications) recognized program, such as the American Tree Farm system, or through the Forest Stewardship Council and the corresponding Management or Stewardship Plan.

3. Inventory: All eligible forestland owned by the landowner must be inventoried and enrolled. This inventory must be completed by a consulting forester in full conformance with MACED's inventory protocol.The forester you choose will need to contact MACED to go over our protocols for the inventory before the work begins. The inventory will be required again in year ten of the contract period.

4. Contract: The contract period is 15 years. Once MACED recieves all required documents, MACED will mail the landowner a contract to sign in front of a notary. Landowners should read the contact thoroughly to understand all terms and conditions, including rules for how to opt out. The contract will not be in effect until MACED signs it and returns it to the landowner. Also required is a statement of intent to maintain forest certification for 15 years, and a signed Memorandum of Contract. The Memorandum will be filed by the landowner in the county clerk’s office where your property is located and there is a small filing fee involved.

Enrollment cannot be completed until all the requirements have been met. In no event will any landowner receive payment from the sale of carbon offsets until all program requirements have been fully satisfied.